02. Plane above Les Alpes

Here are some pictures taken with a phone from my trip to Milan. I was there to find agent or buyers for Pagan Poetry. But after two days of work, we took the time to enjoy the city and feel its atmosphere. I loved it and I hope to build there long term business relationship and friendship.

A friend of mine told me one day that Milan is a shy city, you have to discover it bit by bit, step by step. So here are some "instantanés" from our trip, some of the places you probably know some other maybe not....

03. 1Q84

04. arrivée place du Duomo

05. aperitivo sur le canal
Aperitivo on the canal, a tradition we might say: you can order one drink and eat as much as you want from the buffet. A lot of students go there to eat a consistent and not so expensive meal.

06. amulette Ikuma plumes dorées Pagan Poetry
We had the opportunity to see an opera at La Scala! On the last minute we took the last seats, on the very high level... I just learned the name in English: The gods. But in French it is called "Le poulailler" : the "hen-house". And it is quite much like that. But I heard that here are the very passionate amateurs. The places are cheap so they can go at every representation. I spotted some of them, they where deeply into the music, quietly seated with a hand on the heart... Loved the particular atmosphere!

07. La Scala Milan

08. affiche pour Aida La Scala
This is a poster from Aida, played in 1925. I love the Egyptian font. When you climb the endless stairs that guide you to The gods, you can admire a collection of these posters.

09. Cimetière Monumental de Milan
Obviously I couldn't leave Milan without paying a visit to the monumental cemetery. Rebecca I wish you were with me (I remembered our walk). As much as the name is explicit, it was indeed monumental, exagerate, almost arrogant for graves... No need to say that I fell in love with this place...

10. monumental cemetery Milan

11. Pyramid tomb monumental cemetery Milan
12. tombe pyramide cimetière monumental Milan
Another Egyptian inspired design, of course I thought of you Mathyld.

01. cimetière monumental Milan

14. walk between the tombs

13. Cimetière monumental

15. chevalier

16. que bella
17. the beautiful girl like mona lisa
She was so beautiful! Some of my friends you maybe already know the story... She was so beautiful, we had to stop, hypnotized... so beautiful that two other old Italian men, one of them was holding a white rose, talk to us about her beauty, "stupenda" was the word! Qu'elle est belle j'ai répondu, we all agreed.
Her face will be forever in my mind.

18. Navigli Léonard de Vinci
Some relics of Leonard de Vinci's work in Milan (here-above)

19. cloître

20. colonne sculptée Milan

21. Le Duomo

22. Duomo sous la pluie
And finally the famous Duomo...

23. place Duomo

Hope you enjoyed the little "compte-rendu".