Pagan Poetry is now three years old (since March 18, 2014) . After these few years close to the fashion industry. After following from close to a far distance this strange world I decided to now, and slowly go back to my roots. I see clear now that I cannot be limited to a mold: what I make can’t be jewellery or fashion, it is something in between, with a lot of ‘bricolage’ involved. I don’t know what my name is, what is my profession. But I have a lot of images in my mind that I need to make, my hands demand it!

This is a photo I took of my sister Alix for my first ever look-book, back in 2010 (before I even started pagan poetry). This collection was called ᐊᐳᑦ [aput] which means snow in Inuktitut. At this time I made clothes and jewellery in the same philosophy: all handmade, all hand drawn. I will now continue to follow my path between jewellery and clothing. I like to see it inspired by Art Brut (I believe it’s called Outsider art in English) with my obsessional pattern drawings and such.
I have started again last week, making hybrid artefacts, between jewellery and clothing, and I hope to finish this new line for September, I cannot wait to show you!